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Soldering Iron 220V 60W Electric Soldering Iron Solder/Pemanas Timah/Penebuk Plastik


Product Description:

- Fitted the best matched tip shape in wattage wise as standard

- The most suitable for beginner use

- Light duty model

- 60 W ,220V

- Package Included : 1* 60W220V Soldering Iron

*Sesuai untuk mencairkan timah dan lain lain pelbagai guna


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This is a sound sensor module that detects surrounding sound through the microphone.

The sensitivity of the sensor can be tuned using the onboard potentiometer.

The main chip LM393.

Signal is clean

Waveform is good

Driving ability is strong.



- Build in potentiometer can be used to adjust the threshold level.




A variety of platforms including Arduino / AVR / ARM/PIC.



Type: Sensor

Sensor Function: Sound

Dimension(cm): 4.3 x 1.7 x 1

Net Weight(kg): 0.007

Package included: 1x Sound sensor module (Microphone trigger switch, LM393)


#soundsensor #mic #micmodule #soundmodule



Switch the modes between cool and heat

Control temperature by setting the temperature setting value and the difference value

Temperature calibration

Refrigerating control output delay protection

Alarm when temperature exceeds temperature limit or when sensor error



Temperature measuring range: -50 ° C ~ 99 ° C

Resolution: 0.1 ° C Accuracy: +- 1° C (-50 ° C ~ 70 ° C)

Sensor error delay: 1 minute

Power supply:110~220VAC , 50/60Hz; 12V/24V DC

Power consumption: <3W

Sensor:NTC sensor (1PC)

Relay contact capacity:Two Relay Cool 10A /250VAC; Heat 10A/250VAC

Ambient temperature: 0 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Storage temperature: -30 ° C ~ 75 ° C

Relative humidity: 20% ~ 85% (No condensate)

Sensor length: 1.0m

Front Panel Size: 75x34.5mm

Product Size: 75x34.5x85 mm

Mounting Size: 71x29mm


Package includes :

1 x 220V Mini Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat

1 x Temperature sensor probe with 1M cable

1 x Instruction Manual


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Stepper Motor 5V 4-Phase 5-Wire & ULN2003 Driver Board


The rotation angle of the motor is proportional to the input pulse.

The motor has full torque at standstill(if the windings are energized)

Precise positioning and repeatability of movement since good stepper motors have an accuracy of – 5% of a step and this error is non cumulative from one step to the next.

Excellent response to starting/stopping/reversing.

Very reliable since there are no contact brushes in the motor. Therefore the life of the motor is simply dependant on the life of the bearing.

The motors response to digital input pulses provides open-loop control, making the motor simpler and less costly to control.

It is possible to achieve very low speed synchronous rotation with a load that is directly coupled to the shaft.

A wide range of rotational speeds can be realized as the speed is proportional to the frequency of the input pulses.



Model : 28BYJ-48

Rated voltage : 5VDC

Number of Phase : 4

Speed Variation Ratio : 1/64

Stride Angle : 5.625° /64

Frequency : 100Hz

DC resistance : 50Ω±7%(25℃)

Idle In-traction Frequency : > 600Hz

Idle Out-traction Frequency : > 1000Hz

In-traction Torque >34.3mN.m(120Hz)

Self-positioning Torque >34.3mN.m

Friction torque : 600-1200 gf.cm

Pull in torque : 300 gf.cm

Insulated resistance >10MΩ(500V)

Insulated electricity power :600VAC/1mA/1s

Insulation grade :A

Rise in Temperature <40K(120Hz)

Noise <35dB(120Hz,No load,10cm)


Stepper Library for Arduino



Package Include: 1* 5V 4-Phase Stepper Motor + 1*ULN2003 Driver Board


#steppermotor #uln2003 #driverboard



Package Includes: 1x Straight Female Header Single Row 24 ways - 2.54mm Pitch

Overview: Common use 1x20way straight female header


- Type: Female single row straight

- Pitch: 2.54mm

- Pin number: 1x24 pin 


#Straight #Header #Female #24 #pin



Straight Pin Header (Male)

Single row

40 pin

Pin Pitch :2.54 mm

Length: 12mm


Package includes: 1x Straight Pin Header Single Row 40 ways (Male) - 2.54mm Pitch


#Straight #Header #40 #Connector #Male #Pin 


Specifications :

This is mini solderless prototype breadboard 170 points for Arduino shield.

Size : 4.6cm * 3.5cm * 1cm

Weight : 14g

Holes : 170 Holes size suitable for [Male to male Jumper Wire]

Material: ABS

Package includes: 1x SYB-170 Linkable Mini Breadboard 170 Holes


#SYB-170 #Linkable #Mini #Breadboard #170 #Holes



Rated Load: DC12V 0.1A

Contact Resistance: ≤ 0.03Ω

Withstand Voltage: AC250 V (50Hz) /min

Actuation Force: 1.3+-0.5N

Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ

Dimension: 6 x 6 x 5 mm

​Package includes: - 1 x 4-Pin Tactile Push Button Tact Switch (6x6x5mm)


#button #pushbutton #Tactile #Tactilebutton


-High quality, durable and affordable #tasbih. 
-4-digit display
-Counts range: 0-9999 (4 digits)
-Comes with an index finger ring for ease of use 
-Audible #mechanical click with each count
-Ideal #counter for people counting, educators, industrial businesses, scientific research, transportation, concert venues, tourism, churches, sporting events, and more.



Smart Car Chassis Robotic Tire + DC Geared Motor Kit Wheels Wheel Motor

Model: 1:48 reduction TT motor

Power mode: DC

Voltage: 6V

Motor working voltage 3-6V

Package Included : 1 DC gear motor + 1 wheel = 1 set


#Tires #DC #Gear #Motors #Smart #Trolley #Chassis #Robot #Set #Wheels


Pen-shaped structure, stainless steel probe, easy to carry. Wide range. It is suitable for refrigeration, heating, rubber and plastic processing and other fields.


Chipset: TP4056

Input voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 VDC

Output current: 0.1 to 1 A (Adjustable)

Fully charged voltage: 4.2 VDC

Input connector: Micro USB

Battery protection chipset: FS8205A and DW01A

Overcharge protection: 4.25 to 4.35 VDC

Release protection: 4.05 to 4.15 VDC

Over-discharge protection: 2.30 to 2.50 VDC

Dimension: 28*17 mm

Weight: 2 g


Super fast reading speed

Long range detection


Capacity: 300 ml
Voltage: DC5.0V
Power Input: Micro USB (5V, 1-2A)
Supported Aroma: Water soluble Aroma /Fragrance oil

● Use as a portable diffuser, car air refresher, purifier or humidifier, suit for home, office, car, living room , super convenient and light weight to carry anywhere
● Ultrasonic high-frequency atomization, keeping the air moist, moisturizing the skin and reducing radiation, you will not be disturbed when rest or work
● It is a creative decoration tool and best gift for family and friends. 



100% brand new and high quality.


Wire Color: Black, Red (As pictures)

Sharp contact end Compatible with universal multimeters

Maximum current: 10A

Test voltage range: 1000V

Max Cable length : 70cm approx Suit for testing IC components

Package includes: 1pair × Universal 10A Probe Test Leads


#Universal #Probe #Test #Leads #Pin #For #Digital #Multimeter #Meter #Needle #Probe #Wire #Pen #Cable #10A